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* Vacancies at CGHS Kolakta

* Office Order for keeping WC /Polyclinic open on 08.10.2019

* Dr. Asok Kumar Bhakta,(SAG) hereby designated as Estate Officer in CGHS Kolkata

* Om on Jurisdiction of Siliguri and Jalpaiguri CGHS WCs

* Transfer Order of Gr. C Staff dated 13.05.2019

* Directions to ALL empanelled HCOs, Under CGHS,Kolkata

* Notification regarding opening of Siliguri & Jalpaiguri WC under CGHS,Kolkata

* Nomination of Welfare Officer of CGHS Kolkata

* Check List for Life Saving Drugs

* MRC Form for Pensioners Beneficiaries

* MRC Form for Serving Beneficiaries

* Bank Mandate Form

* Application for New Plastic Card

* Application for Renewal of Plastic Card (Pensioners)

* Application for Renewal of Plastic Card (Serving Employees)

* Form C & D for serving employee

* Application form and MoA Empanelment hospital and Diagnostic Centre under CGHS Kolkata

* Revised  Jurisdiction of Wellness Centres Under CGHS,Kolkata