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Working hours of the Wellness Centres /polyclinic:

7.30 A.M. to 2 P.M. on all working days (except Sunday and holiday).

Specialist consultation: Addl. Director of the Kolkata CGHS fixes different nodal points where Specialist consultation is available from CGHS side. At present the nodal points are I.C. Block Polyclinic, Dover Lane Wellness Centre, Airport Wellness Centre, Mint Colony Wellness Centre, Belvedere Wellness Centre and Regent Estate Wellness Centre.

Registration Timings: The registration is stopped 15 minutes before scheduled closing time of dispensary. However, no serious patient is returned back unattended in the wellness centre.

Reports & Returns: The daily return of patients is prepared and maintained by the clerk in the wellness centre. The Chief Medical Officer In-charge ensures timely submission of all reports /return.

Issue of Medicines: Normally medicines are issued for a period of 15 days. In chronic cases CMO I/c may issue medicines up to three months subject to conditions as laid down.

Daily information regarding non-available items: The Storekeeper in consultation with dispensary Pharmacist circulates the list of non-available medicines. This is done so that medical officers can prescribe only the available medicines to the patients. Similarly arrival of new medicines is also circulated by the Pharmacist promptly to all Medical Officers. However on computerization the the doctors


The following notices are prominently displayed in each wellness centre:

(a) Bringing of CGHS Card is essential during every visit.

(b) Wellness centre timings.

(c) Complaint/suggestion Book is available with Chief Medical Officer In charge.

(d) Visiting days of various specialists.

(e) Immunization programme, well baby clinic and antenatal programme.

(f) Name and telephone numbers of Area Welfare Officer.

(g) Important circulars and orders issued by competent authorities.


(g) Name and telephone numbers of

(i) CMO In-charge

(ii) Addl. Director, Kolkata

(iii) Director (CGHS), New Delhi

(iv) DGHS

(v) Area Welfare Officer

(vi) Help line numbers

Particulars in OPD Prescription: The CGHS card number, name, age, sex; diagnosis and treatment are written legibly and in full. If the prescription contains more than one medicine then each is numbered serially. On each subsequent visit the medicines to be repeated are indicated by their serial numbers. Quantity of medicine to be issued is written clearly.

Domiciliary Visits: 

All Medical Officers attend to domiciliary calls from patients when necessary. Such attendance is restricted to cases where the Chief Medical Officer In-charge is satisfied of its necessity due to the inability of the patient to attend the dispensary on account of illness.  Domiciliary visits except in cases of emergent nature are made before or after the dispensary working hours. Such visits requested during the working hours is made by the Medical Officers receiving the call and not left to the doctor on emergency duty. In case a visit becomes necessary during the working hours the Chief Medical Officer In-charge is informed to ensure that as far as possible not more than one Medical Officer is absent from the dispensary at any one time during the working hours. Lady doctors are exempted from paying domiciliary visits during 7.30 P.M. to 7.00 A.M